Strength in Surrender

Things going great here in Sierra Madre.  The first week has been a blur.  I’ve met lots of wonderful people and gotten pretty immersed in what my life will be like here.  We feel so welcomed here and its obvious to us that God has brought us here.  We love our church, and this is the perfect place for us to be in ministry for the next season of life.

I’ve learned so much in just the short time I’ve been here.  Ministry is challenging, and I find I’m constantly compelled to come to the end of myself and look to Jesus for supernatural strength and power.  One thing I am learning is that strength is found in remembering that its not about me.  When I feel weak and overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of me, I am learning to search my heart for the idol of self-concern.  As I surrender afresh to God’s purposes and desires, I find a strength sufficient for the task to which He has called me.  Its sort of like a wave (though I haven’t been to the ocean yet since arriving!!).  To truly harness the energy of a wave, you have to surrender to where it is going.  You can’t be in control anymore.  So also with ministry: the power is there in deeper surrender to God’s purposes, and what He is already doing.

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  1. Glad things are going well! Thanks for the post–it helps me when I think of some upcoming ministry commitments of my own at our church.