About Truth Unites

About Truth Unites

Promoting gospel assurance through theological depth

We live in a time of polarization, deconstruction, and rapid de-Christianization. Many people, especially in the younger generations, are searching for ultimate answers.

In August 2020, Gavin Ortlund launched Truth Unites to address these needs. Gavin’s heart burns with a passion to help those who are asking deep questions, and to serve the renewal and revitalization of the church in our time. Truth Unites exists to promote gospel assurance through theological depth. To accomplish this purpose, it offers resources in church history, theology, philosophy, and apologetics. Truth Unites seeks to exhibit irenicism in its defense of Protestantism and historic Christianity, and harnesses historical retrieval and theological triage to champion unity in the gospel. The topics vary from arguments for the existence of God to explorations God’s work in church history to evaluating theological disagreement in the church today, but the goal is always greater security in the love of Jesus.

“Pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted.”


Truth Unites is a ministry of Renewal Ministries.