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I’ve been too swamped for much blogging lately because over the summer I was traveling a bit and finishing up a book project, and also because over the summer and into the fall I’ve been doing a lot more stuff on YouTube. For the rest of this fall, I’m just focusing on my church, my family, and finishing up a few remaining items of research in my project of engaging ecumenical theology. In 2022 I’m hoping to draw that research into a book, and then launch into a new study project of various cultural issues (gender, CRT, issues of justice, etc.). I’ll say more about that in future videos at Truth Unites. But for the rest of 2021 I’ve carved out for throttling back. I’ll still have some videos rolling out on my own channel.

In case it’s of interest, here are some of the dialogues I’ve been privileged to be a part of in the last few months. I’d thought I’d compile them all so I don’t overshare them on social media. Let me state my sincere thanks to all of the people involved in these discussions. I felt deeply enriched by each of them, and I hope they will be useful to others.

In September, I did a dialogue with Jimmy Akin on sola Scriptura. I really appreciate Jimmy’s generosity in inviting me onto his channel, and his commitment to charitable dialogue:

In October, I had a dialogue with Jonathan Sheffield on apostolic succession over at Explain International. Jonathan is a super nice guy, and I hope we can talk to again:

Back in August I did a formal debate on the papacy with Suan Sonna over at Capturing Christianity. Suan is not only an excellent debater (especially for his age!), but was gracious enough to invite me on his channel for a more informal chat, so I’m looking forward to growing in our friendship:

Also over the summer, I did three dialogues with Jordan Cooper on baptism which Austin Suggs of Gospel Simplicity moderated. Jordan is another great dialogue partner, both in his knowledge and temperament, and I find it fascinating to learn more about Lutheranism, a tradition I admire greatly.

Finally, Austin was kind enough to have me back on Gospel Simplicity to talk about my new book. Austin has become a great friend and is also a fantastic interviewer, so this was pure fun:

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  1. Thank you for the informative update. May the next 3 mos. or so be refreshing and restorative in every way, and many blessings for all your plans for next year and following. p.s. I love your dad’s commentaries, all of them.

  2. Have you ever thought you’d like to participate in any official ecumenical dialogues, say Baptist/Catholic? I’m not suggesting that YouTube is a lesser form of dialogue, just that we need people with your principled irenic approach to move our churches closer.

  3. I listened to your Psalm 88 message this morning. That Psalm has been dear to me for many years. I smiled listening to you present it as I have learned to understand it over the years. My affliction has been a constant companion since childhood. Only our Lord understands it and has not despised it (Psalm 22). I love your “Truth Unites” ministry and I pray for you.