One of my Grandad’s Sermons

One of the cool things about serving here at Sierra Madre Congregational Church is that many of our friends at this church sat under my Granddad’s ministry at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena (pictured, formerly Lake Avenue Congregational Church), where he served as pastor from 1959-1979.  So I’ve had the privilege of hearing all kinds of stories about my grandparents ministry at Lake, and I keep learning all kinds of interesting links between SMCC and LAC.  One of my friends here at the church gave me a copy of a number of his sermons and has kindly given me permission to post one of them on this blog.  This is Grandad preaching on John 4 on May 11, 1975.   It captures so much of what I loved about him, but especially, as the sermon goes on, his sincere passion for Christ.

(You can listen to it by clicking on the link, as you can listen to the Winston Churchill speech below.  The sermon starts at about 2:20 in.)

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