When its not fun, check your motives

Something I’m learning lately is that when ministry ceases to be fun, we should check our motives.  Sometimes ministry isn’t fun because we live in a fallen world, or because we are facing extraordinary challenges, or because its just plain tough.  But sometimes its not fun because we’re serving with mixed motives – wanting to please people, wanting to be perceived positively by others, wanting to stay within comfort zones.  When I stop and take time to re-align my motives around the gospel – joy stemming from my reconciliation with a Holy God, love for others in light of how much I’ve been loved, hope oriented around the promises of God and His ultimate triumph – the “fun” comes back in.  New strength is found in remembering what it is that we’re fighting for, and burdens feel lighter when our hearts are full of love for Jesus.  Its almost impossible not to have fun when we remember just Who it is that we are serving.

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