Owen on Christ’s Glorified Humanity

I came across this passage in John Owen’s The Glory of Christ (p. 65 of the Puritan Paperbacks edition) which touches upon my previous post, A Body in Heaven?:

“That very nature itself which Christ took on him in this world is exalted into glory. Some deny that he has either flesh or blood in heaven, even though they are changed, purified, and glorified. The great foundation of the church and all gospel faith is that he was made flesh, he partook of flesh and blood. It would be a heresy to say that he has now forsaken that flesh and blood with which he was made in the womb of the blessed virgin, in which he lived and died, which he offered to God in sacrifice, and in which he rose from the dead.

Of course we cannot fully understand the true nature of the glorification of the humanity of Christ. But then, it does not yet appear what we shall be. Much less is it clear to us what he shall be like. But that he is still in the human nature he had on earth, that he has the same rational soul and the same body, is a fundamental article of the Christian faith.”

What I find amazing is that not only does Owen affirm the full humanity of Jesus’ glorification existence, but he affirms it as “a fundamental article of the Christian faith” and calls its denial “heresy.”

Addition: I have also noticed that question 53 of the WCF’s Larger Catechism affirms that Christ ascended to heaven “in our nature, and as our head,” and question 55 states that Christ’s being “in our nature” is an essential aspect of his heavenly intercession for us.

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