Quotes on Christ’s Resurrection (8)

“If the resurrection be fact, why not the incarnation? It is possible to isolate virtually all the other insignia of majesty in the synoptic tradition and pick them off one by one: the virgin birth, for example, the stilling of the tempest and the transfiguration. But if, in the last chapter of the story, we come across a fact such as the resurrection, then we have to roll back all our earlier skepticism and reinstate every pointer to the glory of this man, Jesus. The empty tomb is the Last Word (even though it has already been spoken); and what it says it says, in vindication of Jesus. It is the assertion of moral order; and the moral order it asserts is one which affirms the crucified blasphemer as the Messiah to whose claims God takes no exception.”

Donald Macleod, The Person of Christ (IVP, 1998), 238.

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  1. Great quote. The resurrection of Christ is one of the most well attested occurances of history, with many indisputable witnesses over a period of time and in several places. That indisputable reality means that all of the other testified events of the Savior’s life are true. Against all the arguments that anyone might make stands the bright reality of the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to immortality and eternal life. Again, a great quote. Thank you for sharing it.