Quotes on Christ’s Resurrection (2)

Here is a great one from Lesslie Newbigin:

The resurrection cannot be accommodated in any way of understanding the world except one of which it is the starting point. Some happenings, which come to our notice, may be simply noted without requiring us to undertake any radical revision of our ideas. The story of the resurrection of the crucified is obviously not of this kind. It may, of course, be dismissed as fable, as the vast majority of people in our society do. This has nothing to do with the rise of the modern scientific worldview. The fact that a man who has been dead and buried for three days does not arise from a tomb well known before the invention of electric lights. If it is true, it has to be the starting point of a wholly new way of understanding the cosmos and the human situation in the cosmos.

Quoted in Michael D. Williams, Far as the Curse is Found: The Covenant Story of Redemption (P+R, 2005), 18-19.

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