Faith and Adventure

I am continually grateful for the uncertainty of this season of life, as God is using it to expose idols in my heart and refine my faith in His provision and guidance for Esther and me and our future. During a sermon this morning on the parable of the talents in Matthew 24:14-30, I was reminded how our ultimate calling is simply to be faithful with what God entrusts to us. My prayer life so often is focused on future circumstances, not my need to walk in faithfulness before God in the present, and I often fail to be content with what he has called me to. But why should God let me see down the road until I have consecrated myself to him here at this juncture? Why should he entrust me with much until I focus on being faithful with little? Uncertainty is an opportunity for consecration. God is a patient communicator, and sometimes He seems to keep saying the same thing over and over till we get it. Right now for me its: trust me – stop trying to figure your life out and plan everything. Just trust me and be faithful where you currently are.

On an unrelated note, I am getting into The Lord of the Rings right now for the first time and finding it un-put-down-able. It is so delightful to get swept up into an adventure. I believe it must be a theologically correct statement to say that God likes adventures. After all, think about the world He has made!

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