Band of Brothers

I have been watching these a bit while in Nashville and totally been getting sucked into the story. Once you get past the first episode into D-day, it really picks up. They are so good! I highly recommend them if you have not seen them.

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  1. I love these – I think I’ve watched the series at least 5 times through. Do you watch the interviews with the vets at the beginning of each episode? I know some people don’t, but I htink they make the series more than simply a mini-series and turns it into something personal, real, and intimate.

  2. Hey Jim, I have two more episodes to go, going to try finish up today. Yeah, it seems like they would have some great illustrations of courage, sacrifice, etc. Penny, yeah, the interviews are probably my favorite part. Knowing that everything portrayed really happened to these ordinary people is moving.

  3. this is such a nice site.

    the series changed my life. it’s so illustrative of leadership. i instruct my staff with the episode of lt. dyke and the attack on the town of foy, and how in the middle of indecision he is replaced by lt. spears. the dykes and the spears make up this world and determine the course of our lives.