Too much time, too little time

Some various things I am learning in my spiritual walk right now:

1) I spend too much time seeking to learn new truths, and too little time seeking to apply the truths I already know. I need basic gospel application much more urgently than I need to search out finer points of doctrine. Both depth and width are necessary, and I am more shallow than narrow.

2) I spend too much time living in the past and the future, and too little time in the present. At times I focus on everything and therefore cannot enjoy anything. I often forget my finitude.

3) I spend too much time praying that God would change my circumstances, and too little that God would change my heart. My greatest need is not to be here or there, as I so often fret about, but to become a godly man. My perspective needs continual realignment to what my true needs are.

4) I spend too much time being grumpy, and too little time being grateful. If I think about the gospel, the great exchange, what I deserve versus what I receive, for anything more than a few seconds, this becomes immediately apparent! The Christian should have infinite gratitude.

5) I spend too much time trying to find significance through achievements, and too little time reflecting on the personal, electing love of Christ for me, amidst all my problems. I am coming to see that a greater sense of the love of Christ is always the answer and the way forward.

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  1. This post is one of the reasons why I will always love and read your blog. Thanks for the candid shameful truth that most everyone of us struggles with everyday.