Comments on Hebrews (1:6)

This morning I studied Hebrews 1:6: “And again, when (God) brings the firstborn into the world, he says, ‘let all God’s angels worship him.'”

Amidst other questions, I was curious what event (if any) is being referred to with the words “when (God) brings his firstborn into the world.”

I was surprised to discover that Lane, Ellingworth, and Attridge (three weighty commentators) all argue that it refers to the Son’s enthronement/exaltation.

I’m not exactly sure how to assess this, but its amazing how frequently the motif of Christ’s exaltation/enthronement keeps recurring throughout the commentaries. I think there is something to this – a lot falls into place in Hebrews when this aspect of Christ’s work is kept in the foreground.

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