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Although, unlike Calvin, I enjoy school, it is still really nice to have a break. I want to keep learning while being out of school, and it seems to me that not being in school is an excellent opportunity to develop some specific personal projects and go deep with them. So I have picked one topic in systematic theology, one book in biblical theology, and one figure in historical theology to focus on over the next three years (when I would begin to consider further full-time theological study). And the winner’s are (drumroll please):

1. Christ’s resurrection
2. Hebrews
3. St. Anselm

In the spirit of shorter posts, just one sentence by way of explanation for each of these three:

Christ’s resurrection because it is a hope-inspiring and happy doctrine, as well as a crucially important one (in soteriology, Christology, apologetics, redemptive history, etc.) that is sometimes neglected in favor of Christ’s death, despite being the backbone of Christianity, the center of human history, and the crucial victory of good over evil. Hebrews because it is a fascinating, practical, theological, weighty book in the New Testament canon that sometimes gets short shrift in favor of Paul and the gospels, despite being one of the most helpful books for putting the whole Bible together. Anselm because he is (1) pre-modern (and thus refreshingly free from certain questions of modernity), (2) medieval (and thus intriguingly different and interesting), (3) a great theologian whose works are beautiful, rigorous, and worship inspiring.

More posting to come on these topics, I am sure….

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3 Responses

  1. Gavin,
    Very exciting! What are the first books you’re going to start with? Have you read NT Wright’s book on the resurrection?

  2. Hey Penny, I haven’t read Wright’s book, and I am actually not sure what I will begin with. I am just starting to think about this. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

  3. What a great idea Gavin! The great thing about not being in school is the freedom to study whatever you want to. After I graduated from seminary, I spent a whole day at Barnes and Noble, drinking coffee and reading whatever books caught my eye. I love that you plan to be focused in your study though–inspiring!

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