Summer Plans

Through June 30 we will be in St. Louis, finishing various responsibilities, saying goodbye to friends, and resting. For July we will be in Nashville with family for vacation, and then visiting with friends. Starting August 7 we will be in Washington D.C. I will be an intern at Capital Hill Baptist Church and Esther will be looking for a job. Thank you for those of you who have been praying about our future! Please keep praying for the Lord to open a door to a good job for Esther, and for a restful and fruitful summer in which we are able to connect with many friends and prepare well for what the future holds.

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  1. Erin here–How exciting! Sounds like a great church and a fun place to live! I have heard the name Mark Dever but don’t know much about him. I was surprised to see Jamie Dunlop is a pastor there–Eric lived in the Dunlops house in Libertyville for a couple years before we got married. The nice thing about a big metro area like that is that there should be many job opportunities for Esther–we’ll pray for the right one! I do have a friend in the DC area–she and I got our counseling degrees together although I think she has moved into other work–if you want, I could email her and see if she has any advice/contacts.

  2. hey gavin, i’ll be in nashville also in early july and again at the end of july to see family. I’d love to grab coffee or something and catch up.