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The Hobbit

While sick this past weekend, I picked up Tolkien’s The Hobbit for the first time in years and found so much joy in re-reading it. Does anyone know if (and when) they are making a movie based on this book, and who is going to be in it?

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  1. My good man, I believe that they decided to include the basics of The Hobbit in the first of The Lord of the Rings series. If I remember correctly, a good bit of it was told by the narrator along with a few flashbacks. I personally think it would be a great movie on its own and you would make a great Beorn. I would like to be Thorin Oakenshield mostly because of his great name, but also because of his valor and skill. I am afraid, however, that I would probably be more suited to play Bombur.

  2. I think Gollum would be the most interesting character to play – or Gandalf. The problem is the characters would be constantly compared to the LOTR characters. I could have sworn someone told me they were making this movie though.

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