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I believe that every pastor should strive to become the best theologian they can possibly be. For some, this will involve formal education all the way to the level of a PhD. That has been my path, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to study theology in this way. It’s been a tremendously enriching experience. The value of such a degree, in my opinion, goes beyond the content of the knowledge acquired during the degree—pursuing a PhD shapes you as a person, and as a thinker. I love the vision of organizations like the Center for Pastor Theologians that seek to bridge the divide between the church and the academy, encouraging pastors to pursue academic excellence and intellectual rigor as much as possible.

I’m excited to be teaching an online cohort on arguments for Christianity. We will dive deep into 6 topics, with a view to real conversations and the pressing questions of our culture. Lots of time for interaction. This will be fun! You’re invited to join us!